Leather is a very noble material, and only its origin deserves great respect. Absolutely all the leather that I use is considered a by-product or residue of the meat industry since as long as there is meat consumption there will be its skin. So, I understand that organic material as a product within the circular economy. For this reason, I work with family tanneries in my city, which work with cowhide from a long tradition. And it is that Igualada became the 2nd city in Europe in exporting leather during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Nubuckcuir trabaja artesanalmente todos sus complementos  en cuero vacuno de origen local.



🌿The imperfection turned into beauty

We have become so used to having uniform and serial bags without personality, that when we see a scar or a pore we believe that this bag is defective. And this is not so. What is not normal is to have leather without marks since it is an organic material and each bag is unique and unrepeatable.

Leather is a unique material, each garment is different as was the skin of each animal, size, texture, elasticity, pigmentation ... No two bags will ever come out the same. I consider each impurity or imperfection marks of identity, they are witnesses of a life: freckles, insect bites, scars, stretch marks resulting from pregnancies and a long etcetera.

genuino cuero de calidad de producción local


I try to make the most of each piece trying to reduce the number of waste. For this reason, it is very important to be aware that each piece is different and it is necessary to see imperfections as beauty and exclusivity.

Leather is the raw material, but it can be finished with infinite results, buying in small tanneries allows me to make special finishes for my bags. The result is a leather with very natural colors, with a soft hand to the touch and very light, all the senses are important: soft touch, smell of well treated leather and visually very authentic. And it is that this material ages with our experiences.

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