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Black minimalist...

€56.20 Price

The accessories in the USUAL collection are designed with pure and timeless lines, where the main protagonist is leather.

Handcrafted in my small workshop, taking care of all the details. All materials are of high quality and locally sourced.

The Usual fanny pack is ideal for everyday use and for special occasions such as traveling.

Its basic and minimalist design is light, comfortable and safe at all times. It can also be worn across the shoulder

Limit edition.

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Gray and black leather...

€113.64 Price

Handmade HIBRID black Leather Backpack is characterized by its hand crafted and material quality and locally sourced. Large capacity backpack designed with cow leather.

The leather backpacks of the Basic collection are designed to comfortably carry everything you need for your everyday, with a simple, timeless, light and very resistant design. 

The anti-theft backpack allows you to safely enjoy your belongings, since the zipper is located on the back, making it impossible to access the interior.

All backpack models are Unisex.

Limit edition.

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