Move To Slow Fashion

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This month we want to share with you a new online portal band where you will find our collections of handbags.

Market place is very special for us, specializing in sustainable fashion, you will find a set of clothing brands and designers who follow based on ecological, ethical and accessories proximity criteria.

Moves To Slow Fashion.

MTS, turns 2 years promoting sustainable fashion

"At MTS we are passionate about fashion and want to show that there are other options beyond fast fashion. We are aware of the environmental and social impact that the textile industry can generate, but we are also aware that this can change."

Nubuck cuir designs, follow the values ​​of sustainable fashion, our small and limited collections, traditionally made in our workshop, looking for the highest quality local suppliers.

We love Moves To Slow Fashion. We recognize that change is possible Slow! Sustainable fashion is at your fingertips.


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