Leather Crossbody bag · Brown & Black Standard Hibrid

110,74 €

The línia Hybrid Standard is ideal for celebrations or travel bag versatile small footprint. It can be utilitzado com handbag or shoulder bag. The composition of colors makes it very versatile and combinable with your wardrobe. Entirely designed and made by Nubuckcuir using a traditional process, guaranteeing the same quality. limited and numbered edition. 

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High quality 100% Cow Leather to European provenance. Soft touch and resistant. 

Base made about rigid leather textured black colour and the Body made touch soft and resistant brown leather colour . 
Colour: textured black and black leather 
Measurements: 21*29 cm | 18 17/64 * 11 27/64 inches
Zipper closure handles detachable and adjustable on your shoulder. 
Inside leather pocket closure with zipper


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