I'm  Mon, I'm behind the firm Nubuckcuir since 2019.

Graduated in Fine Arts during my student period in Barcelona I realized that the city wasn't the place for me and that where I was happiest was next to the countryside, even if it was with greater solitude and with less of everything.

I take care of the brand management entirely: Design, pattern making, clothing, purchasing, marketing, customer service, logistics, administration, and a long ... and I still have a little time to relax and enjoy my two dogs , Blanc and Pruna  and flow from the rural environment where I live and work.

* My purpose

For a few years my project has been my lifestyle, I feel enormously fortunate to be able to develop a craft activity, in my atelier enjoying its surroundings and permanent contact with nature and my furry.

I love being able to share both my designs and my experiences and values ​​to together create a more just and environmentally friendly world.

*It 's worring me

The speed, the doing for a doing... we live in a hectic world, where everything happens quickly and creating new needs.

The inequality of opportunities, which unfortunately seems that far from improving is getting worse.

The little esteem for nature, it's time to pamper her and embrace her before it's too late.

The denial of effort and perseverance.

Unconsciousness in consumption. Consumers are the most responsible for how we invest our money, in each purchase there is a great opportunity to change towards a more just world.

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